Where to get nbi clearance fast

As you read this, I guess you’re finding an NBI Clearance Center which has a fast approach in terms of processing their clearances. Well, to be honest, I am a type of person who research first before going to a place that I wanted to go, of course to prevent any inconveniences. It’s a fact that when you get an NBI Clearance as of the moment, you need to wait for too long just to be served at the lines. Since the NBI has a new system for processing the clearances, expect a very long line of people that usually starts around 4 am in some areas like Robinson’s Galleria or Metro East (some lines even start  at 1 am). For people like us, we don’t want that to happen to us right? So I researched for a Clearance Center with few people coming in and also fast in terms of processing (  like a computer =)   ). But before that let me take you to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s).

1. Q: I already have an NBI Clearance before, and I need to RENEW only. Is the process the same?

A. NO. There’s a NEW system in place and there’s NO renewal. Same process goes for a first time applicant and a person who had a clearance before.

2. Q: Are satellite offices at Robinson’s malls open during Saturdays?

A. NO, as of posting of this page.  But if someone reported that it is, I’ll post it here.

3. Q: If I had a HIT, how long do I need to wait?

A. Well, it depends. Some get it the day after, or a couple of days after, like 7 days. It really varies according to some people who experienced it. I also read that some waited for over a month. The best thing is to ask the personnel in charge. So just pray that you don’t have a hit. =)

4. Q: If I had a HIT, how long do I need to wait?

A: My brother went back at the same office where he had a hit list, but for some, they were instructed to go the NBI Main Office.

5. Q: What time is the office hours at Robinson’s satellite offices?

A: Mondays to Fridays, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm


So where to go since the lines are very long? 

I just searched this Robinson’s Otis at Paco, Manila which was the answer to people who don’t like the idea of staying for almost half a day just to get their clearances. The NBI Clearance Center at Robinson’s Otis is located at 2nd Floor.

You can reach Robinsons Otis from U.N. Avenue, which is located near United Nations LRT Station. That will be your landmark. UN Avenue is also a few steps from Luneta so I think as long as you’re a Filipino, going there won’t be a problem. There’s a tricycle station at the corner of U.N. Avenue. The fare is 10 pesos only, and please DON’T RIDE on those pedicabs since the drivers will charge you P60.00 which will be inconvenient for you if you came from a far away place. Tricycles will not depart until they reach a certain number of passengers. The travel is really straightforward since there are no turns to be made. Just always look at the right side of the road for you to see Robinson’s Otis. I used Google Maps and my GPS powered phone so locating it wasn’t a hassle for me. Here’s the photo for easier understanding:


Based on my personal experience, I arrived at Robinson’s Otis at around 8:30 am, which is not a good idea if you’re planning to go to Robinson’s Galleria since someone said that if you go there at 8:00 am, don’t expect that you will be included in the daily limit of 500 persons. To my surprise, I was the 200th person waiting at Robinson’s Otis. Thanks to God. Maybe 200 for you guys is quite long still, but its’s better than 600 and be served tomorrow. Hahaha!

Inside the premises, they asked us to fill up the form below:



For the purpose of your clearance, don’t put “WORK” only because it’s unclear. Either put LOCAL EMPLOYMENT or WORK ABROAD. The catch is, just be specific. They also have the list of the purposes at the cashier for your reference if you don’t know what to write on the purpose field of the form.

You need to bring two valid ID’s, and a government-issued ID is more preferable. School ID is also accepted as long as it’s not expired. In my case, they didn’t check my ID, but always bring your ID’s to be sure. You should write the name of your ID, and its number.

After filling up the form, there are two steps, first is to pay P115.00 if it’s for local employment. Next, an nbi personnel encoded my data into the system. Then, I lined up for the Biometrics machine to include my photo and my fingerprints. The longest wait time is to fall in line for the payment which took me around 2 hours, so it’s around 10:30 when I payed for the clearance. It took an hour of waiting in the line before I got served by the encoder. For the Biometrics, I just waited for 15 minutes.

I got my NBI Clearance 2 minutes after my Biometrics data was captured so I’m a bit surprised because I’m expecting that I would still wait for a couple of minutes before I can get one and go home. In total, I stayed at Robinson’s Otis for about 3 and a half hours which is not bad since I went there at 8:30 am.

Inside the premises:





Note: Information contained herein are based from the author’s experiences and facts from the internet and is only updated as of posting. The author is not affiliated with NBI nor any government agencies. Use this data at your own risk. For more information, visit the official NBI website:  www.nbi.gov.ph